It's the little things

Despite our ongoing national nightmare in America (and, in large part, because The Rachel Maddow Show only airs five nights a week), I took the liberty of compiling a few things over the weekend (read: apolitical distractions) to look forward to come spring.

Father John Misty's Pure Comedy (April 7)

If there's one preacher papa I can get behind right now, it's Father John. After devouring Pure Comedy's title track and corresponding film (featured above), I can hardly wait to hear the whole, damn thing. In addition, and for entirely comedic purposes, check out Misty's latest, Tongue-in-Cheek Generic Pop Songs, released on Sunday (and most definitely not featured on his forthcoming album).

Victoria Beckham For Target Collection (April 9)

Coincidence that the much-anticipated, poppy, new Target collab from former pop star and Spice Girl debuts on my birthday? I think not. But until April 9 arrives, I'll keep busying myself, wishlisting Beckham's buzzy bee prints and mod squad silhouettes.

HBO's Big Little Lies (Ep. 1-5 streaming)

Perhaps Vox said it best, when synopsizing last night's stunning, fifth episode of HBO's latest miniseries. "Nicole Kidman forever and ever, amen." Here's Kidman, once again, proving herself to be an indelible force, playing a pivotal role in, what The A.V. Club deems, "a vital story about abuse." With just two episodes remaining, I'll remain on the edge of my seat until it's conclusion and, undoubtedly, for some time thereafter.

Joan Didion's South and West: From a Notebook / Vanity Fair's Special Commemorative Edition: The Kennedys

Which reads are currently coveting prime positions on my nightstand, you ask? These never-before-seen excerpts from the brilliant mind of Joan Didion, and VF's special commemorative edition of The Kennedys (natch).

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